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artisti di strada  Sardegna


By and with Pasquale Imperiale and Vincenzo De Rosa

The clown duo "I Nipoti di Bernardone" (the nephews of Bernardone) re-enacting this work is facing once again the simplicity, that simplicity full of hope

that brings amazement and marvel, which makes soul and body smile and light, makes them travel to that land where imagination and small spells are realities.

And the surprise is given by a hat that seems to fly, from a carousel of fire, from the speed of an acrobatic number that the eye cannot reveal, from

the poem contained in a gesture, from the laughter that breaks out uncontrollably for a sudden action of one or an expression of the other.


Participation in various Street Artists Festivals:

  •  1st Prize Martelive Circus (Italy)

  •  2nd Prize  Milano Clown Festival (Italy)

  • Ibla Busker

  • Tutti matti per Colorno

  • Cuncambias

  • Mamatita Festival

  • Giffoni street experience

  • Artisti in chiazza Arzano

  • Kinderkultur festival Duisburg

  • Cirko Paniko Cagliari

  • Wraclow Breslavia  Festival (Poland)

  • Busker festival Paderborn (German)

  • BuskerBus Valona (Albania)

  • Giffoni : Giffoni Film Festival (Italy)

  • Certaldo : MERCANTIA (Italy)

  • Ferrara : Ferrara Buskers (Italy)

  • Moio della civitella:  Mojoca Festival Busker (Italy)

  • Troia : Tutta un’altra troia (Italy)

  • Sa Ruga: Cagliari (Italy)

Dossier and techincal sheet
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