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By and with  Gaspar Uriel Perissinotti

Gasparato Vectorizado COLOR.png

Gasparato is a white clown, he looks for Augusto among the children of the audience and completes the comic team with him.

Creativity and ingenuity are the tools used to entertain and make town squares fall in love with him. In fact, “Retornable” is, characterized by the skillful use of specialeffects and the mastery of boomerang throwing.
The voice of the artist, a great orchestral conductor, juggles between sounds and voices that change with his ownmood and light effects that pass through his body.

A boomerang returning is unbelievable, many of us saw it for the first time right in “Retornable”.
Gasparato makes them fly over the heads of the audience with great skill and on the way back they sometimes burst balloons and

sometimes bananas placed on the artist's head.
They are launched with such precision that they are even caught with his mouth. But it is from mistakes that the unexpected is born, from mistakes that the childrens’ super hero shows his most human side.


  • Circo paniko Cagliari .

  • Street festival di Sa Ruga Cagliari

  • Street festival San Pietro Posidonia 

  • Street festival "Musicarte" Ossi

  • Street festival "festa del capello"Carloforte.

  • Festival buskers Ferrara 

  • Festival de Teatre i Animació de Viladecans al carrers 

  • Street festival Caorle "la luna nell pozzo"

  • Castelfiorentino IX Meeting Nazionali degli Operatori di Piccolo Circo 

  • Street festivall San giovanni di Percipeto 

  • Street festival Orvieto "le vie della Fantasia"

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