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A tribute to the life of Andrei Tarkovskij

   by and with Salvatore Cantalupo

       Assistant Director Amelia Longobardi

     Visuals Francesco Albano

”Quegli Angeli Tristi Azione N° 9” (Those Sad Angels Action No. 9) is giving light to the life of a man, a poet and a prophet. The work is dedicated to the journals of Andrei Tarkovskij, which are collected under the title 'Time Within Time: The Diaries (1970-1986)', but for reasons of elective affinities beside verses of Arseny Tarkovskij (father of Andrei), James Joyce and Gustav Meyrink. The diaries tell about the tormented journey of the artist in search of freedom, the effort to carry on his commitment, the difficulty of resisting the commodification of one's own art in front of economic hardship. Great is his aspiration to beauty and to the divine. In exile from his country, his beloved Russia, far from his growing son, with touching courage, continues to praise life with hope and faith. To his son he says: "Man has not been created to be happy, there are things far more important than happiness. The pursuit of truth is almost always a painful journey. Learning to accept suffering, turning it into our soul in knowledge, is the only means necessary to achieve the truth."

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