From an idea of : Ado Sanna e Lorenzo Gessa

Help with creation : Edoardo Demontis

Light design : Gerardo Gouvella

Live music : Lorenzo Gessa

Midi music : Lorenzo Crivellari

Residence places: Campidarte, Su Tzirkulu,  EX ART

Serenissima Filage project

Paidia is a show with a nonsense taste and a noir aftertaste.

A little bit of madness, a propension to stay between shivers and mistakes, a complicity for the last ones and an indispensable intellectual capacity lead to a research for a contemporany circus. With an experimental harmony and an imprecise places, Paidia gives us the possibility to discover and explore the genesis and degenesis of the game. Circus tecniques, juggling experiments and acrobatic bikes give us the opportunity to express the shades of hazard and fun. as we play with a live music, mixing and looping as we do with clubs and targets, juggling, bass and drums.

There is no why, no reason so don't look for it, don't ask,it's just a game.

  • Finalist in the Mars Live competition Circus Section

  • Selected by Mais Imaginarius 2020 (Portugal) 

2019 Production ! 


  • 28-31 may Imaginarium Portugal 

  • 5 Jan Teatro del lido Ostia


  • 7-8-14 Dec Side Cirkus Cagliari

  • 30 Dec Circo Paniko Cagliari

  • 30 Dec Teatro Adriano Cagliari

  • 28 Nov Ex Art, Cagliari 

  • 2 June Napoli Bike Fest ( Napoli)

  • 15 16 June SPICCIOLI Battaglia Terme (Padova) 

  • 7 June Ostia ( Rome)

  • 22 June Marina Cafe Noir ( Cagliari)

  • 3 August Santulussurgiu 

  • 23 August Iglesias

  • 30-31 agosto Pflasterzauber ( Deutschland)


mporary circus show