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Shalom Miriàm 

 Theatrical arrangement of “In nome delle madre” by Erri De luca  

On stage: Chiara Giuliani, Marcella Pellerano, Susanna Mannelli 

 Live music and composition Matteo Gallus

Light creation: Matteo Culurgioni 

Directed by: Susanna Mannelli

"Miriam, do you know what grace is?" "Not exactly," I replied. "It is not an attractive gait, it is not the high bearing of some of our well dressed womens. It is the superhuman strength to face the world alone without effort, to challenge it in to a duel without even mess up your self. It is not femininity, it is a profet's talent. It's a gift and you had it. Whoever possesses it is released from fear. You are full of grace. Around you there is a barrier of grace, a fortress. You spread it, Miriàm: on me too.

On stage three actresses and a violinst compose the characters in a miscellaneous of sounds and words. 

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